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BlackWhite Photography

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Today I´d like to introduce an interesting photographer, Lee Jeffries. He mostly shoots black & white portraits of the homeless he has met in Europe and USA. Each image shows so much character and depth, you´ll find yourself studying each shot with great intensity. 

Just published - World of Black & White, The Book

hopefulsignA Hopeful Sign is a magazine blog website dedicated to spreading hopefulness. It is a online community forum for people who are (or want to be) hopeful about life.
BlackWhite Photography was featured in the photo section of their site. We thank them for the opportunity and encourage you to check out their site.

BlackWhite-Photography at AHopefulSign.com

You´re wondering how to take those long exposure pictures without having to wait until the sun goes down, finding your way in the dark with flashlight, falling on the rocky beach and breaking your camera gear?  Believe me, I´ve been there!

heidiDon´t worry, there is a way - ND filters.

Nd filter is a piece of gray colored glass you put in front of your lens to reduce the amount of light hitting the camera sensor allowing you to use either a wider aperture or slower shutter speed. The deeper the color the stronger the effect.  You can think of them as sunglasses for your camera.

Download this file (ND_Filter_chart_.pdf)ND Filter Chart[Chart for calculating exposure times with Nd filters]75 Kb4728 Downloads

You have been thinking of taking the plunge and dive into the RAW image format? Here´s a short article on JPEG and RAW.

So, what is RAW image format? - RAW images contain minimally processed data from the camera, they are not processed and therefore not ready to be printed. Unlike Jpeg´s you´ll always have to process the image before you print it. RAW´s are often called "digital negatives" since they fulfill the same role as film photography´s negatives; both are not directly usable as an image but have the information needed to create one. That´s why processing a RAW image is often called developing. You can think of RAW files as undeveloped film when Jpeg are the prints you got back from development.

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